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A Brand New


"It´s a little like LUDO but funnier and with more strategy"

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The rules

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The story behind HALT

HALT board game is a game that was invented a long time ago in my family. For over 50 years now, the game has been played almost every day in my home. My father took a piece of cardboard and drew the game with a felt-tip pen. Buttons from clothes were used as stop buttons. The rules were never written down. This is how the game has been played. I decided a year ago after my father died, to make this game "a reality" in memory of my father. I started with the design and the production in the beginning of 2021 and November 2021 the first game boxes arrived to Sweden. At the moment we work with Halt mobile app, and in March 2022 it will be available both for iPhone and Android. The story of the HALT game lives on.


I hope you enjoy playing HALT as much as my family always have and still do.

All the best, Kennet Bath (Co founder of HALT)


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