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"It´s a little like LUDO but funnier and with more strategy"

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The rules

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The story behind HALT

HALT board game is a game that was invented a long time ago in my family. For over 50 years now, the game has been played almost every day in my home. My father took a piece of cardboard and drew the game with a felt-tip pen. Buttons from clothes were used as stop buttons. The rules were never written down. This is how the game has been played. I decided a year ago after my father died, to make this game "a reality" in memory of my father. I started with the design and the production in the beginning of 2021 and November 2021 the first game boxes arrived to Sweden. At the moment we work with Halt mobile app, and in March 2022 it will be available both for iPhone and Android. The story of the HALT game lives on.


I hope you enjoy playing HALT as much as my family always have and still do.

All the best, Kennet Bath (Co founder of HALT)


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Step into the world of "HALT," an enthralling board game that transports you on a thrilling journey from the board's bottom to its summit. Navigate a blend of skill and luck to outsmart your adversaries in this dynamic gaming experience. "HALT" offers two exciting modes: a brisk one and a more prolonged challenge. In the short game, strive to be the first player to ascend to the top with a single game piece. In the extended version, the difficulty intensifies as you aim to elevate all your pieces to the summit. Engage in the team version, where both team members must successfully advance all their pieces to claim victory.

How to Engage in "HALT":

  • Game Style Selection: Determine at the outset whether you'll play as an individual or part of a team.

  • Turn Order: Roll the dice to establish the starting player, with subsequent turns proceeding in a clockwise direction.

  • Board Movement: Utilize the dice roll to dictate your movement in any direction across the board.

  • Strategic Stop Signs: Strategically place stop signs to obstruct opponents' progress.

  • One Space Per Piece: Occupy each square with only one game piece.

  • Overcoming Obstacles: If hindered by stop signs, roll the exact number required to relocate them.

  • Rollback Risk: If an opponent lands on your piece with the exact number, you're sent back to the starting point.

  • Six Advantage: Roll a six, move, and then enjoy the privilege of rolling again until obtaining a result under six.

Why "HALT" is Your Game of Choice:

"HALT" strikes the perfect equilibrium between strategy and luck, offering simplicity in learning while brimming with depth and tactical intricacies. Its adaptable format suits all groups and occasions, from quick matches to extended, captivating game nights. Each session unfolds as a unique experience with evolving strategies and unforeseen turns.

Challenge friends and family in this exhilarating game where every dice roll has the power to reshape the entire playing field. Are you prepared to put your strategic prowess and luck to the test in the world of "HALT"? Let the game begin!

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