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HALT board game

HALT board game

SKU: 1120998

Included in Game
•  Gaming Tokens
•  Train x 4 •  Boat x 4
•  Plane x 4 •  Car x 4
•  Dice x 4
•  Stop Signs x 11
•  Board Game x 1

This is a two to four player game Ages 8 and upwards

The object of the game is to become the first player to travel from the bottom of the board to the top of the board with any single token.

Game Preparation
•  Place the game board on a table or a flat surface.
•  Each player selects their tokens and same coloured dice to     represent them on the game board.
•  Each player places all their tokens on their home on the game board.
•  Place all stop signs on the red spaces on the game board.

The Stop Signs
•  Stop signs can be used to block any other player.
•  Players can never jump over a stop sign.
•  Once the game has started, the stop signs can be repositioned anywhere on the game board, except the first bottom row or a space already occupied by a player.
•  Players must roll the exact number of spaces needed to land on a stop sign if they want to move it.
•  A player may choose to stop their opponent from either going ahead of them or winning the game by placing the stop sign in a free space that blocks their opponents’ move.


•  From 8 year and up
•  30 min - 2 h

•  2-4 players

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